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Space Ranger Music is a trailblazing music agency redefining the industry. Our mission? To revolutionize music creation and consumption. With a team of top composers, producers, and marketers, we prioritize transparency and fairness. We empower artists, eliminate unnecessary expenses, and deliver unparalleled sonic quality. From captivating soundtracks to celestial custom playlists, our fresh and authentic approach sets us apart. Join us on this intergalactic journey as we redefine music's boundaries. Welcome to Space Ranger Music, where music takes flight like never before.

Our Space Ranger Captain Gijs Wisselink is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, studio engineer and producer. Gijs has a cum laude bachelor's degree in Music from the Conservatory of Amsterdam, an internationally acclaimed conservatory. With over 10 years of experience in composing for major brands, Gijs has the ability to compose a powerful, authentic and emotional soundtrack ranging in all sorts of musical genres. Born and raised in the United States of America with a Dutch heritage, he is internationally oriented and a native speaker of both English and Dutch. 

Gijs' Co-Pilot: Quita Ruijgrok, a bachelor's graduate from the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam. A natural at producing films and commercials, Quita worked on various national and international award-winning productions and has gained extensive experience working as a producer at an international commercial agency.

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